Hard Floor Restoration
Here at Essential Floor Care, we focus on ensuring that high quality is shown on every single hard floor restoration job undertaken. Various locations include offices, restaurants, shopping centres, pubs, schools, universities, train stations, hotels, public walkways, shops, stadiums and much more.
Hard Floor Cleaning
Many hard floor materials, such as wood, vinyl and LVT, can pick up dust, grit and dirt and as a result, make the surface look old and worn in a very short amount of time. We always take time selecting the correct cleaning technique, uniquely chosen for your floor and we will only ever use high quality products.
Carpet Restoration
Essential Floor Care provide full depth carpet restoration services for all domestic and commercial sectors within the UK. Our business has grown through word of mouth marketing, thriving from our excellent referrals and recommendations. This is only achieved with high end carpet restoration results at all times.
Carpet Maintenance
If you require a more long term approach to keeping your carpets respectable and clean, then Essential Floor Care can provide a commercial carpet maintenance service, completed on a routine basis. We have found this to be beneficial for mainly business owners or managers who need to keep workspace clean and presentable.
Office Chair Cleaning
Our primary focus with office chair cleaning is to make sure that we create the most pleasant, clean environment for you and employees to work in and enjoy. Not only this, but keeping office chairs clean with enhance durability saving you money in the future. This service can be used in any type of commercial office space.
Anti-Slip Flooring
There are many options available, dependant on the type of floor surface, to determine whether or not you need chemical treatment or a coating. The other points that need to be considered, which should be factored into the treatment type are the type of installation and if there is a hazard of slipping when wet or dry.

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What Cleaning Services Can We Provide?

✔ Hard Floor Restoration
✔ Hard Floor Cleaning
✔ Carpet Restoration
✔ Carpet Maintenance
✔ Office Chair Cleaning
✔ Anti-Slip Flooring

If you are looking into restoration and cleaning services for hard floors and carpets, then Essential Floor Care can provide a range of services tailored around your exact requirements and specifications. To view each service in depth, select one of the above services from the list. If you would like to view an extended version of the jobs we have undertaken and completed, please take a look at our commercial gallery. 


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