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Essential Floor Care can provide extremely professional carpet cleaning services throughout the South West and the rest of the UK. Over the years we have expanded into more commercial facilities and due to our ambition to provide outstanding customer service, we have seen an impressive amount of word of mouth marketing generating new customers for us. From schools and colleges to hotels and restaurants, we can help.

Getting your carpets cleaned is a task people put on 'hold' for as long as possible. However, it's important to get your carpets cleaned regularly to make sure the carpet increases its lifespan, reduce the amount of dirt and grit in the carpet itself and to maintain a visually acceptable standard. Selecting the correct company can always be a hard and time consuming task too.

If the company completing your carpet cleaning job doesn't have the sufficient knowledge of machines and chemicals for your carpet type, then you can find yourself in a bad situation of either having your carpets being damaged or at worse, needing to be replaced which is a very costly process.

There are many different methods for cleaning carpets that all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but before you start to clean we will need information on the type of carpet and any other specific requirements.

At Essential Floor Care, we are committed to exploring and implementing cleaning techniques that are at the cutting edge of our industry. As a completely independent cleaning company, we can use the best methods of cleaning for any given job. Through not being tied into a cleaning franchise, we can combine several different cleaning methods to achieve the best possible results.

Below is a short list of the carpet cleaning methods we can use:

1. Oztek (setting a new standard in carpet restoration with exceptional results). Low moisture and capsulation technology with a 1750rpm oscillating head that wipes carpet fibres clean from all angles and every direction. This is one of the very latest cleaning techniques to enter the UK & Europe, allowing us to fully restore and reset the clock on carpets marked for replacement.

Essential Floor Care | Carpet Restoration South West | Carpet Cleaning South West

2. Hot Water Extraction (infrequently used). Essential will usually use this method of cleaning in conjunction with other cleaning systems. Very good at removing soiling and detergent residues, left behind by previous poor cleaning. If this system is used correctly, it can use a clean residue free pile that won't re-soil due to sticky residues left from cleaning. This system can leave carpets very damp, so air hoovers and absorbent pads are used to remove as much moisture as possible after cleaning to reduce drying times.

3. Dry / Low Moisture Cleaning (when no downtime is important). This system is mainly based around a dry cleaning compound, made up of a sponge like particle with a similar look to sand. The compound contains trace amounts of water and cleaning agents to break down dirt and grease. When the compound is brushed throughout the carpet fibres it loosens, breaks down and absorbs the dirt, changing the colour and appearance the more the dirt absorbs. Once the compound is full of dirt it is then removed by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Carpets will be left clean, dry and ready for use immediately. The best environment for use would be in high end domestic properties, natural fibre carpets, such as wool, and when no down time is important. This method of cleaning is wool safe certified.

4. Bonnet Mopping. This system uses non-residential cleaning chemicals and absorbent cotton or micro fibre pads to wipe carpet fibres clean. This method is good at removing surface soiling quickly with minimal disruption and quick dry times. With this system, powerful dust extraction vacuums must be used first to remove compacted dry soiling from carpet fibres. Best enviroment to be used is in highly soiled areas.

These are some of the types of carpet restoration methods and strategies we can use to ensure the best possible results. Essential Floor Care always strive to use high quality and innovative methods to produce not only the best results, but an extremely efficient and effective service. If you are looking for carpet restoration South West, please click here to get in touch with Essential Floor Care.

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